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Now we've looked at CPR as the subject, but if you're in the dental profession, there may well be that you've got somebody in the dentist's chair and then they go into cardiac arrest. You have a couple of choices. You could either take the person from the chair and put them on the floor. But the problem here is you've got literally a solid weight, you've got to move them onto the floor. Now one of the reasons we normally would, in first aid, don't do CPR in a normal chair, would because we can't get any compressions, nothing to push against. Say a sofa, it would just condense all the time. 

But with the dentist chair, if you're pushing down, you've got something solid underneath. So if you did have somebody go into cardiac arrest and you can lay the chair completely flat, then this is the best possible position because you can do the CPR with them in the chair. You're not going to waste any time because the actual act of taking them onto the floor will take time. We need to get this compression going as quick as possible to circulate blood around the body. And you can deliver the CPR very simply. Also, the person's at the right height to be working with and you can work as a team. 

We'll look at now is actually the practical side of doing CPR on the chair. If someone's in a typical modern position here with the patient laying down, if they went into cardiac arrest, the problem with doing compressions onto the chair may be that the chair, it moves up and down, there's not quite so much solid pressure. So one thing you can do is bring the actual chair around and then just lower down the headrest. So now what we're doing, when we're actually delivering the compressions, we're not just pushing on the chair which is, being extended, could move slightly. We're also pushing it down onto the chair here, so we get a much firmer base to deliver the compressions effectively.