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In dental practices, there is required equipment and drugs that are needed in case of an emergency. The UK Resuscitation Council lay down the drugs that need to be required.

Briefly listed are the Drugs required in a Dental Practice; Aspirin, Glyceryl Trinitrate Spray, Midazolam, Glucose, Glucagon Hydrochloride, Spacer Device & Salbutamol Inhaler.  When managing expiry dates of medications, dates are documented in a computerised diary to ensure all medications are in date and out-of-date medications can be disposed of at the right time and correctly.


Cardiac Emergencies:400 microgram dose of Glyceryl Trinitrate Spray
300mg Aspirin Tablets

Epileptic Seizures1 x 5ml Midazolam 10mg in 1ml Oromucosal solution. Supplied with 4 syringes

Anaphylactic Emergencies1ml Adrenaline prefilled syringes
1ml Adrenaline ampoules

Hypoglycaemic Emergencies25g tubes each containing 10g of Glucose
1mg Glucagon Hydrochloride prefilled syringe

Asthmatic Emergencies1 spacer device
100 microgram Salbutamol inhaler