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Bag Valve Masks or BVM are required in dental practices.

When doing the rescue breaths when performing CPR, mouth-to-mouth breaths are not always the easiest or most effective way. What will usually happen within the medical profession is that they will use a Bag Valve Mask (BVM). A BVM is a unit that you can use to deliver one breath with one single grip, rather than having to physically give mouth-to-mouth breaths yourself. The units, when you first get them, will need to be opened, ready to use. The BVM can be used as it is or can be used with supplementary oxygen. 

Bag Valve Masks will deliver 5% more oxygen compared to mouth-to-mouth breaths. Ensure a face shield is attached to ensure the oxygen reaches the patient and make sure the right size face shield is connected. The BVM is usually only single-use.