Basic Life Support (BLS) for Dentists Reviews

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We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “Great training and explanations. You don't feel you are missing any information due to doing this course online. Will be using you again. ”

    ~ Kimete from Please Select...
  • “This was my first time to avail an online CPR course and I was very impressed. The course was broken down in to clear and concise topics that were well covered and demonstrated. The intermittent questions kept me on my toes while ensuring I understood the subjects covered. I would highly recommend this forum to anyone looking to learn CPR or refresh their knowledge. ”

    ~ Lisa from California
  • “The course has lots of valuable information. It´s easy to understand as one can view the videos as well as read the texts. ”

    ~ Jane Muthoni, Dentist (DDS/DMD) from Northamptonshire
  • “Great easy to follow course. Very informative. I liked the style of delivery, made it easy to watch.”

    ~ Ru, Dental Hygienist (RDH) from Derbyshire
  • “This was a good way to do training, non stressful and great that you can return and update your knowledge when necessary”

    ~ heather, dentist from Armagh
  • “Very detailed course, great delivery and enjoyable learning”

    ~ Paul from Staffordshire
  • “Really good course enforcing each subject. ”

    ~ Sandy, DENTAL NURSE from Northamptonshire
  • “Well worth the time. Good value and excellent content.”

    ~ Matthew, Oral Surgeon from Kent
  • “Excellent presenter, very easy way to learn BLS. Highly recommended”

    ~ wing sing, Dentist from Greater London
  • “Thank you for the great experience. I really think it was useful. Cannot wait to subscribe for the newsletter.”

    ~ Andrea, trainee dental nurse from cambridgeshire
  • “This training is perfect for me being a Locum nurse as I have no permanent practice that I can train with annually. Also the weekly email updates are excellent reminders and can be included as non-verifiable CPD. ”

    ~ Louise from Berkshire
  • “Very well explained in simple format to cover all emergencies in the dental surgery ”

    ~ Jennifer, Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) from East Sussex
  • “Great course, really comprehensive and helpful”

    ~ Ino Dimitra, Dentist (DDS/DMD) from Greece
  • “Fantastic, much better than live teaching, I would reccommend this course to all health care professionals”

    ~ Ravi, Dentist (DDS/DMD) from Essex
  • “I have been doing annual CPR in-house for 30 years, thought I would do it online this year and actually learnt a few new things, really enjoyed the course.”

    ~ Caroline, Practice Manager from Worcestershire
  • “Very complete course with a very easy approach to cover all kind of medical emergencies which might occur in the dental practice. It is very well explained.”

    ~ cristina, Dentist (DDS/DMD) from LONDON
  • “I found the videos very interesting and a clearer way of understanding.”

    ~ Amy, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) from kent
  • “The training was very good. The videos loaded easily and the questions were relevant. There were good introductions to each section and also good references. I like that there is a student manual to download too. Excellent value for money”

    ~ Jody, Dental Hygienist (RDH) from Lancashire
  • “I highly recommend this course to any dental practice worker. Trainee dental nurse can upload the certificate in eRoE. ”

    ~ Alina from Greater London
  • “I really enjoyed this course it was interesting and covered all aspects of BLS ”

    ~ Suzanne from California
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “The instructor was very eloquent in sharing his valuable knowledge.”

    ~ michael, 1 day ago
  • “Great way of updating knowledge, clearly demonstrates different medical emergencies with the use of video. Clearly presented covering all relevant topics needed for BLS in dental surgery”

    ~ Emma, 2 days ago
  • “Very informative and good course, best part of this course is we can update our knowledge with a weekly update, Many thanks.”

    ~ Tumpa, about 1 month ago
  • “Wonderful course explained well will definitely be using them again.”

    ~ Gemma, about 1 month ago
  • “good way to learn I have picked up new points each time I have repeated the training”

    ~ heather, about 1 month ago
  • “Took this course and test and found it very informative and easy to understand”

    ~ Joanne, about 1 month ago
  • “very very helpful”

    ~ Muhammad Tahir, about 1 month ago
  • “Mo”

    ~ Semone, about 1 month ago
  • “Easy to follow, clear and useful instructions and information”

    ~ Maxine, about 2 months ago
  • “Previous to working in the dental profession I provided emergency medical in the armed forces and offshore in the private sector of the oil and gas industry for 12 years so I know a thing or two about emergency medicine. I think this training far exceeds the depth and breath of knowledge that I have previously had as part of BLS training required for annual CPD. I think it's brilliant. With the online course and the additional option of meeting with an instructor to get one on one instruction to certify competency of CPR, back slaps and abdominal thrusts is brilliant for those working in dental practices. This is my second course. Also as a mother I love the infant and child emergency first aid. ”

    ~ Emma, 2 months ago
  • “Everything was explained step by step and easy to understand”

    ~ Pamela, 2 months ago
  • “Very thorough, notes that can be kept for life...”

    ~ Hamza, 2 months ago
  • “hank you - enjoyed it ”

    ~ Emma, 3 months ago
  • “I learnt a lot with the course , I feel much confident.”

    ~ Bruna, 3 months ago
  • “Non”

    ~ Rola, 3 months ago
  • “Very happy with the course and highly recommended.”

    ~ Dr Stanley, 3 months ago
  • “Excellent course that was informative, concise and useful. Thank you”

    ~ Lucy, 3 months ago
  • “good comprehensive guide to the essentials.”

    ~ carlton, 3 months ago
  • “Fantastic course learnt so much valuable information on all aspects of emergency care.”

    ~ Dawn, 3 months ago
  • “I found the course content repetitive at times and that really helped me to remember facts much easier. I was able to write points down on paper and replays parts of each section which was so helpful especially when needing that confirmation.”

    ~ Andrea, 3 months ago